Fit Srl machinery for industry

The history of the Fit Group began in 1973, with the creation of Forniture Industriali Teatine. This was a commercial company, set up by the entrepreneur A. Contasta, that specialised in supplying components for the mechanics industry, for which there was a high demand from businesses in the Abruzzo region. The company also dealt with industrial machinery and the maintenance of technologically innovative products in the transmissions, hydraulics and pneumatics sectors. Eleven years later, in 1984, Fit Srl Automazioni was established, a production facility to support the business area, which manufactured bespoke equipment and components on the customer's request. The company dealt with conception and design, while also manufacturing components based on technical designs provided by the customer. In early 2000, after 30 years of operation, the Fit Group automazioni e componenti is now the benchmark for innovative business management in applied mechanics. The group employs a team of professionals who can adapt to changes in the market and produce a high-quality product thanks to their continual research and development.


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